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What We Do

People are any organizations’ most important asset. We help employers manage the often complicated, sometimes challenging relationships with the people who make their work possible. Sometimes that means working behind the scenes as confidential advisers to Human Resources professionals dealing with complicated employee relations issues. Sometimes it means representing an employer at the bargaining table during union negotiations or helping a client weather a labor dispute. Sometimes it means vigorously defending an employer’s interests in court, at an arbitration hearing, or during a government audit or investigation. Whatever their role, our labor and employment lawyers never lose sight of our clients’ objectives and the practical realities of their business.

Chicago Focus

Franczek is Chicago’s labor and employment law firm. Our clients are key players in the civic, cultural, and economic life of Chicago and its suburbs, the state of Illinois, and the Midwest. They include some of the largest employers in the state, and five of the ten largest employers in the City of Chicago. We have negotiated contracts with virtually every major union in the Chicago metropolitan area, including the largest bargaining units in the state. We are intimately familiar with the complex and changing regulatory, economic, and political environment affecting employers in Chicago and Illinois. We are not the only labor and employment lawyers in Chicago, but our experience sets us apart and uniquely positions us to help employers large and small in this challenging market. 

National Reach

Business doesn’t stop at the state line, and neither does our practice. Many of our clients operate nationwide and even internationally, and we regularly help them with labor and employment issues spanning the scope of their operations. For those matters where our client needs “boots on the ground,” we are part of the Worklaw® Network, a highly selective network of independent labor and employment law firms serving clients across the U.S., and with affiliates in Canada, Australia, Europe, Mexico, and India.

Breadth of Practice

Our labor and employment clients include local businesses, multinational corporations, nonprofit organizations, public and private colleges and universities, school districts and private schools, municipalities, and other government agencies. Every organization that we represent is unique, and the breadth and depth of our practice helps us better represent and advise each client we serve.