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Franczek’s prominence in the realm of traditional labor-management relations is indisputable. We represent clients in all aspects of labor relations, including union organizing campaigns, collective bargaining agreements, strike contingency planning, arbitration, grievance arbitration, and unfair labor practice proceedings before the National Labor Relations Board and courts. Few, if any, firms have our depth and breadth of experience in this field. Our philosophy toward labor relations is to advance and achieve the client’s business objectives with as little disruption to operations as possible. We do this by seeking practical solutions to problems in an environment that promotes collaboration and strengthens relationships. We take great pride in our ability to creatively resolve workplace disputes without work stoppages or litigation.

Our history is replete with instances where we helped secure critical, even landmark legislation reconfiguring the legislative terrain to the advantage of our clients. By way of example, our attorneys are not only well versed in the substantive and procedural law of the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act; our firm has been involved with this law since its inception, as our attorneys were among the very few persons who negotiated the Act in 1984. Similarly, we were drivers of labor reform legislation that made it possible for McCormick Place to be competitive with other trade show venues across the country.

In each of these cases, Franczek was in the eye of the storm providing critical guidance. This was possible only because of the decades we spent establishing cooperative, productive relationships with the relevant stakeholders in the public-sector sphere, from the top leadership of the labor movement to the leadership in Springfield. Our credibility and our capacity to creatively engineer solutions to difficult problems proceeds us wherever we go, enabling us to work in multiple dimensions on behalf of our clients.