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In today’s information economy, an employer’s most valuable assets are its employees and its confidential information. We help your organization protect these assets by devising legal strategies to maximize employee and information retention through the use of technology, strategic use of non-compete and confidentiality agreements, and other trade secret protection policies and procedures. We also help our clients assess and minimize litigation risks that may arise when hiring employees who may be subject to pre-existing confidentiality or non-compete restrictions.

Our trial attorneys also are ready at a moment’s notice to respond quickly and effectively with emergency court actions, regardless of whether your organization is being “raided” or accused of unlawfully “raiding” a competitor’s workforce or trade secrets. We have extensive experience representing both plaintiff and defendant employers in employee raiding, trade secrets, and unfair competition disputes, including the prosecution and defense of claims for emergency injunctive relief in state and federal courts throughout the United States. Our attorneys will also work to ensure that a litigation strategy is adopted which supports our client’s overall business strategy.