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At Franczek, we recognize that a safe workplace is a high priority for our clients. We provide a full range of workplace safety and health services to clients throughout the country.

We have considerable occupational safety and health expertise, which we use to assist our clients in a variety of service sectors where accident and litigation avoidance are the highest priority. However, when accidents occur, our experienced attorneys are ready to represent our clients in all aspects of workplace safety-related trial and appellate litigation before courts and federal and state administrative agencies. Additionally, we engage in preventive work with our clients to enhance their workplace safety and health performance by:

  • Guiding and counseling our clients on compliance with federal OSHA and corresponding state standards and regulations;
  • Advising and representing clients during OSHA inspections or injury/illness investigations; and
  • Preparing or reviewing written safety programs, standard operating procedures, workplace safety rules, and employee handbooks for compliance with local, state and federal workplace safety statutes and regulations.

The threat of violence is an unfortunate reality in the modern workplace. We assist our clients by providing effective guidance and legal support to minimize and respond to such threats, including designing programs and policies to deal with workplace violence, obtaining restraining orders and enforceable trespass notices, and partnering with law enforcement personnel. We also offer our clients comprehensive training solutions designed to teach managers how to recognize potentially threatening behavior, and conduct investigations in response to potential threats of violence.

Impaired workers pose a threat to themselves, their co-workers, their employers and the general public. We advise clients how to respond to and minimize such threats while complying with the various conflicting laws and regulations relating to substance abuse. We prepare and review workplace policies, including drug and alcohol testing policies, and represent employers who are challenged in arbitration or in court over their drug and alcohol testing policies. Our attorneys also draft agreements for employees who enter treatment and rehabilitation programs, and advise employers who oppose claims for unemployment compensation following termination for drug and alcohol infractions.