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Wage & Hour is one of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and state wage and hour laws establish complicated and convoluted requirements as to how and how much your employees must be paid. Unions and plaintiff’s attorneys have seized upon this vulnerability in recent years, making wage & hour litigation an extremely significant risk facing many employers. Franczek P.C. assists employers in navigating complex wage and hour requirements to develop practical solutions which ensure compliance and minimize potential exposure to claims. We advise and assist clients in all aspects of wage and hour law, including:

  • Classifying employees as “exempt” or “non-exempt” for purposes of minimum wage and overtime requirements;
  • Maintaining employee exemptions from minimum wage and overtime requirements;
  • Identifying compensable working time;
  • Establishing rates of pay that comply with minimum wage and overtime standards;
  • Satisfying wage and hour recordkeeping obligations;
  • Ensuring timely payout of wages, commissions, and final compensation; and
  • Representing employers in all types of wage and hour litigation