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Business Immigration, Immigration Compliance & Worksite Enforcement

Employers today face many challenges in recruiting and retaining talented foreign national executives, managers, and professionals. Remaining in compliance with the obligations under federal and state statutes, rules, and regulations related to the hiring and employment verification of employees continues to become more complex. Franczek Radelet represents employers throughout the process of hiring and transferring foreign nationals—executives, managers, professionals, investors, and more—to the United States. We help employers identify the best short- and long-term visa strategies for the business immigration needs of their employees, including H-1B specialty occupation matters, NAFTA (TN) visas, treaty investor visas, intracompany transferee status, and other nonimmigrant and permanent residence immigration strategies.

With employers facing ever higher civil penalties and potential criminal sanctions for knowingly hiring and continuing to employ undocumented workers, Franczek Radelet works closely with employers to devise hiring, retention, and compliance strategies tailored specifically for their unique requirements.  Our attorneys are experienced in working to proactively reduce exposure and liability should an employer face a worksite enforcement action by the Department of Labor, Immigration & Customs Enforcement, or other agencies, and providing employers with expert representation in case of such an action. We conduct internal audits of hiring practices and immigration compliance programs for clients of all sizes, analyzing all of the forms and supporting documents often necessary for legal compliance with the I-9 process and work visas, as well as internal company hiring and anti-discrimination policies.