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We pride ourselves on our ability to help our clients’ varied constituencies avoid internal disputes and legal proceedings. Our depth of experience allows our attorneys to offer on-campus training that is comprehensive, cost-effective, and tailored to the unusual culture of the campus community.

A vital component of effective training is timely and continuing follow-up. We help institutions use training as an impetus to revise policies, refine procedures, and eliminate obsolete practices. We also help individuals apply the insights gained from training to their daily challenges within the workplace or classroom. Our experience in education and training includes:

  • Governance training for Board members and officers
  • Workshops for faculty members and administration, teaching compliance with internal reappointment, evaluation, and tenure procedures, as well as with proper documentation of those procedures
  • Supervisor training for new administrators, chairs, and deans
  • Training of internal investigators about proper investigation and documentation of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation complaints
  • Training of admissions, student affairs, residence life, and disability personnel about accommodation of student disabilities in the classroom and throughout the campus
  • Training of campus constituencies regarding compliance with the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, the FMLA, and major privacy laws such as FERPA and HIPAA
  • Focused training of different campus departments (such as on-campus police, athletic personnel, and counseling services) about their special responsibilities under institutional policies and external laws