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Franczek’s 2018 School Law Conference

Franczek P.C. is pleased to host our annual School Law Seminar for District, Building, and Special Education Administrators. 

Download the materials from the conference here.

Responding to Sexual Harassment in Schools: What Every HR Administrator and Title IX Coordinator Should Know
Speakers: Shelli Anderson and Amy Dickerson

Hot Topics for Business Managers
Speakers: Brian Crowley, Ares Dalianis, Scott Metcalf, and Respicio Vazquez

How to Deal with I—9 Audits and Immigration Raids
Speakers: Karlie Dunsky and Tejas Shah

It’s Not Just the ACT: 504 Accommodations in the Classroom and Beyond
Speakers: Dana Fattore Crumley and Kendra Yoch

Collective Bargaining and the Right to Strike: Outside Influences and Current Trends
Speakers: Shelli Anderson, James Franczek, Sally Scott, and Melissa Sobota

Evidence-Based Funding: Past, Present, and Future
Speakers: Ares Dalianis and Benjamin Boer from Advance Illinois

Strategies for Effective Board Meetings and an Alternative to Robert’s Rules
Speakers: Brian Crowley, Todd Faulkner, Scott Metcalf, and Respicio Vazquez

Special Education and Student Records Update: What You Need to Know in 2018
Speakers: Amy Dickerson, Dana Fattore Crumley, Jennifer Smith, and Kendra Yoch

Facebook Fiascoes, Teachers in the Police Blotter, and Other Embarrassing Escapades: Best Practices for Responding to Off-Duty Misconduct
Speakers: Dana Fattore Crumley, and Sally Scott

Proactive Strategies to Protect and Maximize the Tax Base
Speakers: Ares Dalianis, Michael Hernandez, and Scott Metcalf

#TakeAKnee: What Can a School Do?
Speakers: Nicki Bazer, John Relias, and Jennifer Smith

Preparing for Student Hearings: Insider Tips
Speakers: Amy Dickerson and Kendra Yoch

The Overtime Game
Speaker: William Pokorny