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Franczek’s 2018 School Law Conference

Franczek P.C. is pleased to host our annual School Law Seminar for District, Building, and Special Education Administrators. 

For a copy of the presentation, contact us at

Responding to Sexual Harassment in Schools: What Every HR Administrator and Title IX Coordinator Should Know
Speakers: Shelli Anderson and Amy Dickerson

Hot Topics for Business Managers
Speakers: Brian Crowley, Ares Dalianis, Scott Metcalf, and Respicio Vazquez

How to Deal with I—9 Audits and Immigration Raids
Speakers: Karlie Dunsky and Tejas Shah

It’s Not Just the ACT: 504 Accommodations in the Classroom and Beyond
Speakers: Dana Fattore Crumley and Kendra Yoch

Collective Bargaining and the Right to Strike: Outside Influences and Current Trends
Speakers: Shelli Anderson, James Franczek, Sally Scott, and Melissa Sobota

Evidence-Based Funding: Past, Present, and Future
Speakers: Ares Dalianis and Benjamin Boer from Advance Illinois

Strategies for Effective Board Meetings and an Alternative to Robert’s Rules
Speakers: Brian Crowley, Todd Faulkner, Scott Metcalf, and Respicio Vazquez

Special Education and Student Records Update: What You Need to Know in 2018
Speakers: Amy Dickerson, Dana Fattore Crumley, Jennifer Smith, and Kendra Yoch

Facebook Fiascoes, Teachers in the Police Blotter, and Other Embarrassing Escapades: Best Practices for Responding to Off-Duty Misconduct
Speakers: Dana Fattore Crumley, and Sally Scott

Proactive Strategies to Protect and Maximize the Tax Base
Speakers: Ares Dalianis, Michael Hernandez, and Scott Metcalf

#TakeAKnee: What Can a School Do?
Speakers: Nicki Bazer, John Relias, and Jennifer Smith

Preparing for Student Hearings: Insider Tips
Speakers: Amy Dickerson and Kendra Yoch

The Overtime Game
Speaker: William Pokorny