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Franczek’s 2017 School Law Conference

A Changing Landscape: Administrative Best Practices

Franczek P.C. is pleased to host our annual School Law Seminar for District, Building, and Special Education Administrators. This presentation is a publication of Franczek P.C. and is intended for general informational purposes only and should not be construed and legal advice.

Here is a copy of the detailed AGENDA and below are the presentations from the sessions that were covered. 

Navigating Change – Immigration Issues Affecting Schools Speakers: Karlie Dunsky and Tejas Shah 

Implementing Senate Bill 100 – Stories from the Front Speakers: Laura Knittle and Kendra Yoch

The Role of Police in Schools Speakers: Amy Dickerson 

Revenue Protection and Real Estate Taxation Speakers: Ares Dalianis, Michael Hernandez, and Scott Metcalf

Collective Bargaining and ACA Update Speakers: Todd Faulkner, Jim Franczek, and Sally Scott

Navigating the Amended Student Residency Statute Speakers: Amy Dickerson, Jennifer Smith, and Kendra Yoch

Internal Investigations Speakers: Shelli Anderson, Dana Fattore Crumley, and Nicki Bazer

How Can We? For S Matterschool Business Speakers: Brian Crowley, Ares Dalianis, Scott Metcalf, and Respicio Vazquez

How Can We? For Student Issues Speakers: Nicki Bazer, Erin Fowler, Darcy Kriha, Tejas Shah, and Jennifer Smith 

How Can We? For Employment Matters Speakers: Shelli Anderson, Dana Fattore Crumley, Todd Faulkner, Michael Hernandez, and William Pokorny 

Comprehensive Title IX Coordinator Training Speakers: Amy Dickerson, Erin Fowler, and Darcy Kriha

Special Education Legal Update Speakers: Dana Fattore Crumley, Laura Knittle, John Relias, Jennifer Smith, Patricia Whitten, and Kendra Yoch