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Revised Clear and Present Danger Reporting User Agreement Coming to Schools

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In a previous alert, we announced that the Illinois State Police (ISP) would be transitioning to accepting clear and present danger reports from school officials through its online Law Enforcement Portal. To make reports on that portal, the ISP is requiring reporters to agree to a User Agreement. We raised concerns about some of the terms of that User Agreement, and over the last couple of weeks we worked with the Illinois Council of School Attorneys (“ICSA”) to negotiate a revised agreement with the ISP.

We are pleased to share that the ISP and ICSA agreed on a revised User Agreement and the ISP is expected to send that agreement out to K-12 schools – both public and private – this week. If your District signed the first version of the User Agreement, that agreement will be replaced upon executing the revised version. As part of the negotiated revisions, each school district or network of schools needs to sign only one agreement. Principals or other building-level administrators need not each sign the agreement individually, but the portal will allow school districts and networks to have multiple logins and users.

For any questions you have about the User Agreement or making reports to the ISP regarding students determined to pose a clear and present danger, we are ready to assist.