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Toolkit of Residency and Homeless Forms Available for Purchase

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The number of residency and homeless disputes is on the rise for school districts. Many find out too late that the information obtained from parents and guardians during the registration and enrollment process is inadequate to support a thorough investigation or successful prosecution of a dispute. Inadequate information about a student’s living situation can lead to costly and inefficient investigations and unsuccessful residency and homeless hearings, allowing students not otherwise qualified to attend school tuition free. 

To help school districts better assess residency and homeless issues, Franczek has developed a Toolkit of Residency and Homeless Forms. The Toolkit will provide considerable assistance in collecting the information your school district most needs to determine if an investigation is warranted. The Toolkit also will prepare you to challenge a student’s status if required. In addition to forms for general residency situations, the forms contemplate situations involving divorced parents, families residing with a third party without a lease, students residing with a non-parent or legal guardian, and homeless students. The forms may be adapted for use in electronic registration and enrollment. A user friendly step-by-step guide walks administrators and staff through which forms to use in particular residency situations. The Toolkit also now includes sample notices to be used when a district finds a student is not a resident. 

The Toolkit is available for purchase at a flat fee of $500. To purchase the Toolkit, please click here and complete the informational form. After completion of the form, you will receive a Word version of the Toolkit within two business days. School districts wishing to maximize the benefit of the Toolkit should consider training administrators and staff on use of the forms. As always, our attorneys are available to assist with training on residency and homeless issues. For additional information about the Toolkit, if you have any questions, or to schedule a training, please contact Amy Dickerson at or Kendra Yoch at