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Public Act Signed by Governor Addresses Health Exam and Immunization Requirements

K-12 Education Publications

Governor Quinn recently signed into law P.A. 096-0953 which amends the Illinois Student Records Act and the health examinations and immunizations requirements under the School Code.

The new amendment to the School Code permits an out-of-state transfer student, who does not have proof of having a health examination or immunizations by October 15 or whatever date the school district has established, to attend classes only if the student provides proof that an appointment for the required vaccinations has been scheduled with a party authorized to submit proof of the required vaccinations. If the student fails to submit proof of vaccination within 30 days after the student is permitted to attend classes, the student may not attend classes until proof is provided. A school district or school district employee will not be held liable for any injury or illness to another person that results from admitting an out-of-state transfer student to class that has an appointment scheduled for the vaccinations.

The new amendment to the Illinois School Student Records Act also permits out-of-state transfer students, including children of military personnel that transfer into Illinois, to use unofficial transcripts for admission to a school until official transcripts are obtained from his or her last school district.

These changes take effect immediately and are only effective until June 30, 2012.