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ISBE Issues Guidelines for Complying with July 1 Compensation Reporting Deadline

K-12 Education Publications

As we informed you last fall, July 1, 2010 is the first deadline for school boards to report administrator and teacher salary and benefits to the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) under Public Act 096-0266, which added Sections 10-20.46 and 34-18.37 to the School Code. ISBE has issued guidance regarding the specific data required and how to submit the report through the IWAS system by midnight on July 1.

P.A. 096-0266 requires all school boards to report to ISBE by July 1 all base salary and benefits (including vacation days, sick days, bonuses, annuities and retirement enhancements) for the district superintendent and all administrators and teachers employed by the school district. This reporting requirement differs in a number of ways from the October 1 reporting requirement under Public Act 096-0434, which added the same sections to the School Code. The October 1 report was required to be posted on the district’s website, presented at a school board meeting and submitted to the regional superintendent. In contrast, the July 1 information is only required to be submitted to ISBE through IWAS, so ISBE is providing the reporting format to districts. The July 1 report is not required to be presented to the board or posted on the district’s website, although ISBE plans to post all districts’ reports on ISBE’s website. Another key distinction is that the October 1 report was only for employees holding an administrative certificate and working in that capacity, whereas the July 1 report includes all administrators and teachers. Additionally, the guidance clarifies that ISBE requires the July 1, 2010 report to contain data from the 2009-2010 school year. ISBE also requires the name of each employee for which data is given, in addition to the person’s position (and optional title).

Separate from and in addition to the July 1 report to ISBE, later this year each school district should plan to prepare, present to the board, post online and submit to the Regional Office of Education its compensation report for administrators by October 1, 2010 as required by P.A. 096-0434.