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Don’t Be Spooked! Adverse Discrimination and Harassment Case Disclosures due to the IDHR by October 31

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As previously reported, the Illinois Human Rights Act was amended to require employers to report adverse judgments and administrative rulings in cases involving sexual harassment or unlawful discrimination to the Illinois Department of Human Rights (“IDHR”). For additional background on these requirements, please refer to our prior alert by clicking here. Most importantly, employers must report judgments and rulings issued during the 2019 calendar year by October 31, 2020. For each subsequent calendar year, including 2020, the reporting deadline will be July 1 of the following year. The IDHR has issued Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) providing additional guidance to employers who must complete these disclosures.

Should you have any additional questions about the reporting requirements or need assistance completing the disclosures, please contact Bill Pokorny or Tracey Truesdale