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90 Days and Counting . . . Have You Met Your Harassment Training Obligation?

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Last summer, the Illinois General Assembly enacted SB75, which among other mandates, requires all Illinois employers to provide annual anti-harassment training to their employees. Illinois employers have until December 31, 2020 to provide this training.  The Illinois Department of Human Rights (“IDHR”) released its model training on the agency’s website, which employers can read to employees to satisfy the basic anti-harassment training mandate for all employers. Note that restaurants and bars must provide additional anti-harassment training. While the IDHR’s model training will satisfy the minimum legal requirement for Illinois employers, we recommend that employers conduct their own training to reflect the particulars of their own harassment policies and reporting protocols and to provide an interactive dialogue between the trainer and employees. For additional considerations that employers should keep in mind when designing anti-harassment training, please review our prior alert by clicking here.

For the past several months, Franczek attorneys have partnered with public and private sector employers to provide substantive and engaging employee anti-harassment training, both in person and via webcast. With many employees working remotely, content can be presented via an online platform, allowing employers to meet this now-annual state law requirement during the pandemic. Please do not hesitate to contact any Franczek attorney for assistance with your anti-harassment training needs.