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2017 Employment Law Conference

Whiplash! A Seismic Shift in Workplace Laws

All conference materials are now available here.

A Wave or a Whimper? Federal Agency and Legislative Developments in President Trump’s First 50 Days

Changes are inevitable with any new presidential administration, but an aggressive rollback of existing agency policies and regulation is an overarching priority for President Trump. In this session, we will update you on key developments since President Trump took office inside the agencies that oversee employment, labor relations, employee benefits, and immigration. We’ll also discuss significant personnel changes, legislative initiatives, and executive orders in these areas.

Keeping It Local: State and Municipal Developments

With a lack of consensus at the federal level over the past several years, states, counties, and municipalities have become increasingly active in legislating changes on various workplace issues, such as mandatory leave, minimum wage, and equal pay. This session will explore state and local developments in these areas, which may accelerate in response to a hands-off federal government. We will also discuss considerations for shaping uniform policies for multi-jurisdictional employers to ensure compliance while protecting your business interests.

Employment Agreements 2.0: Updating in Times of Change

Employment agreements are important tools for protecting employers’ confidential information, prohibiting unfair competition, and avoiding litigation with former employees. New state and federal laws, as well as the Supreme Court’s anticipated decision on mandatory arbitration agreements, affect how these agreements should be crafted. This session will provide an update on these developments and provide insight on best practices for updating employment agreements and related policies to align with new realities in the workplace.

Social Media: Encouraging an Entrepreneurial Spirit While Staying Compliant

Everyone has a social media workplace horror story to share: an uncouth tweet, a misunderstood “like,” or an unwelcome friend request. This session will summarize key recent developments in employers’ rights and obligations to regulate social media in the workplace, discuss the growing role social media plays in lawsuits, and test your knowledge with hypotheticals about how to handle sticky social media situations.

ADA Update: Test Your Knowledge of Accommodation Issues

In this interactive session, we will discuss hypothetical situations based on recent cases and best practices for common ADA accommodation situations. Get ready to vote via cell phone!