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Franczek Webinar Symposium—A Whole New World: Labor and Employment Challenges for the 2020-2021 School Year  

Franczek attorneys Shelli Anderson, Nicki Bazer, Jennifer Dunn, Sally Scott, and Jackie Gharapour Wernz present the final of four webinars addressing the differences to the face of education that fall 2020 will bring. In this webinar, our panel addresses the differences as they relate to staff. Don’t wait for a genie in a bottle to wish away your fears about the labor and employment impacts of the changes the 2020-2021 school year will bring. Topics covered include impacts of continued remote learning and staggered schedules on staffing, including reductions in force; teacher evaluations; employee salaries and stipends; temperatures and testing; and many others.

This webinar is part of Franczek’s Webinar Symposium—Wrapping Up, Taking Stock, and Moving Forward: The New Reality for K-12 Education. View more webinars in this symposium here.