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Franczek Educational Equity Webinar Series: Addressing Disproportionality in Student Discipline and Best Practices for Nondiscriminatory Discipline

This month our Educational Equity webinar will focus on student discipline, specifically racial disparities and disproportionality in exclusionary discipline, relationships with SROs, and improving school climate. We are thrilled to have Dr. Jerry Anderson, Principal at Bloom High School in Bloom Township High School District 206, and Dr. Ellen Swanson, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services in Des Plaines School District 62, join us for this webinar. Kendra Yoch and Amy Dickerson will serve as moderators and Emily Tulloch will highlight legal considerations. Recent data from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (“OCR”) reveals continued disproportionality in school discipline responses, particularly when comparing Black and White students and in relation to students with disabilities. In this session, we will discuss steps school districts can take to comply with legal requirements, avoid liability, and combat disproportionality, including through the use of restorative disciplinary practices, staff training, and culturally responsive instruction.