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Franczek Attorneys to Present at Title IX in the 7th Circuit

Franczek attorneys Jennifer Smith and Amy Dickerson to present at this year’s in-person conference for K-12 Title IX professionals in the 7th Circuit (Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin) Friday, June 7 at the NCAA Hall of Champions in Indianapolis.

Amy will be joined by Kim Kennedy of Indianapolis Public Schools and Chandler Lawson Flynn of Church Church Hittle & Antrim (IN) for a discussion on when “questionable” sex-based behaviors becomes a Title IX issue, and how to navigate this tricky threshold.

Jen will be discussing the new Title IX Regulations as they go into effect August 1, and will be joined by Rick Verstegen of Boardman & Clark’s (WI) and Amy Fox of Church Church Hittle & Antrim. Click the registration link for more inforamation.