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Social Media Litigation Webinar

On Thursday, May 11th at noon join us for an informational webinar to discuss an opportunity regarding litigation against the giant social media companies and their impact in the school setting.
We are working as local counsel with the Frantz Law Group (FLG) in preparing litigation on behalf of Illinois school districts against several social media companies. The basis of the lawsuit is the harm experienced by school districts in addressing and mitigating the impact of social media products on young people. The social media companies have been a contributing factor in the youth mental health crisis, which has been marked by higher numbers of youth struggling with anxiety, depression, thoughts of harming themselves, and suicidal ideation. Major health organizations have declared a national emergency with an advisory issued by the U.S. Surgeon General.
As designated local Illinois counsel with FLG we would like to discuss the litigation, the remedies and damages to be sought, the anticipated time commitment, how we expect this will proceed through the court system, and what is required for your district to get involved. We have had informal conversations with several clients about this litigation and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, so we want to present the topic in a format where all interested school districts can learn about it at the same time.
We will be joined by William Shinoff, the lead attorney from FLG, who will present the theory of the case and analysis as to why this matter is worth pursuing. As many of you know, we have been working with FLG on the successfully concluded school district vaping litigation against Juul Labs, Inc. Many of our school district clients saw significant settlement awards from the Juul litigation which will help cover the cost of vaping mitigation strategies. Our hope and expectation is that this social media litigation will also result in much-needed dollars going to districts to use to support students.
We are linking to a FAQ prepared by the Frantz Law Group to provide an overview of the social media litigation. If your Board wants to participate, it will need to approve a resolution authorizing the filing of a case and the attorney-client fee agreement. We will provide these documents to interested school districts for approval.
Click here to view the slides from our presentation, and below to watch the recording.