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National Business Institute’s School Law Seminar—School Law: Handling Mental Health Issues

Kathryn Vander Broek delivers two presentations at the National Business Institute’s School Law: Handling Mental Health Issues seminar in Warrenville, IL. 

“Threats, Violence, Crises, Trauma, and Mental Health: How to Prevent and Respond” will address the following topics:

  • Top Federal and State Laws Governing Mental Health Issues in Schools
  • Recognizing Mental Health Issues: Legal Requirements
  • Mandatory Reporting: Obligations of the School
  • Mental Health Service Continuum: What Must Schools Provide?
  • Medical Treatment vs. Education Services
  • Public vs. Private School Legal Requirements

“School Legal Obligations Regarding Student Mental Health” will address the following topics:

  • School Legal Obligations: Warning of Known/Foreseeable Dangers
  • Conducting Threat Assessments and Other Proactive Preventions
  • Handling Threats by Students With Mental Health Issues
  • When Violence Occurs: Key Steps to Take
  • Documenting Violent Behavior and School Responses
  • Developing Crisis Management Plans
  • Trauma-Informed Schooling: Legal Essentials
  • Involving the Police: Extents/Limitations