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Franczek’s Title IX T.E.A.M. Meetup – OCR Non-Regulatory Updates

When the Department of Education issued its 2020 Title IX regulations, one of its purported purposes was to end the era of non-regulatory guidance that we saw from OCR under the Obama administration. Yet, since the regulations were issued in May, we have seen a flurry of non-regulatory guidance from OCR. Whether on the OCR blog, through responses to questions to OCR’s OPEN center, or through webinars on YouTube, OCR has provided significant insight into how it will interpret the new regulations. During this T.E.A.M. webinar, join us to discuss some of these important pieces of non-regulatory guidance and how they may impact K-12 schools.

Download the presentation here

If you have any questions for discussion at the next meetup or about Title IX generally, contact any member of the Franczek P.C. Title IX Team or