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Franczek Webinar Symposium—A New Kind of Spaced Out Student: Educating Students with Continued Social Distancing

Franczek attorneys Shelli Anderson, Nicki Bazer, Dana Fattore Crumley, Jennifer Smith, and Jackie Gharapour Wernz and special guest Mina Griffith, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services at Plainfield School District 202, present the second of four webinars addressing the differences to the face of education that fall 2020 will bring. In this webinar, we will address the differences as they relate to students. 

We have always had some “spaced out” students, but ongoing social distancing will give a new meaning to that phrase. We will address numerous issues including staggered schedules, the continuation of remote learning, student data privacy and acceptable use of technology, discipline, student attendance monitoring, social-emotional learning (SEL) needs during the COVID-19 era, and many more. 

This webinar is part of Franczek’s Webinar Symposium—Wrapping Up, Taking Stock, and Moving Forward: The New Reality for K-12 Education. View more webinars in this symposium here.