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Compliance Training—Basic Title IX Training for K-12 Title IX Administrators

Thursday, September 24, 2020
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
$350 per participant
Via Zoom
The new Title IX regulations are now in effect and require training of Title IX Team members (Title IX Coordinators, investigators, decisionmakers, and informal resolution facilitators) in K-12 schools. Franczek offers P.C.’s training package allows compliance for the entire Title IX Team of a school or district for one low flat fee.
However, we understand the hardship that the Title IX requirements place on schools and districts during this time. We recognize that many school districts and schools will not be able to train their entire Title IX Teams.
Accordingly, we are offering a Basic Title IX Training for Title IX Coordinators that will meet basic training requirements for Title IX Coordinators and other administrators.
We will explain during the training how school districts and systems that have not completed basic Title IX training for their entire Title IX Team can nonetheless process complaints within the requirements of the regulations until comprehensive training is completed.
For Illinois PRESS policy subscribers, this training will address policy updates to meet the Department of Education’s requirement that Title IX Team members be trained on the use of their own policies. School districts that do not subscribe to PRESS can still benefit but should contact us to discuss options for supplemental training on school policies.
The cost of this Basic Title IX Training for Title IX Coordinators is $350 per registrant. You will be invoiced separately upon registration.
A school district or system that sends one or more participants to this training and that subsequently purchases Franczek’s comprehensive Title IX training will receive a credit of $350 toward the cost of the comprehensive training package. School districts/systems that have already purchased the comprehensive Title IX training can send one Title IX Team member to this training for free.