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ED-RED and Franczek P.C. Webinar: Why You Need to Get So Prepared for SOPPA—Now!

Franczek partners Nicki Bazer and Jackie Wernz were joined by Sarah Hartwick, Executive Director at ED-RED, and Don Tufano, Director of Technology & Innovation at Riverside School District 96 for a webinar titled “Why You Need to Get So Prepared for SOPPA—Now!”

Recent amendments to the Illinois Student Online Personal Protection Act (SOPPA) go into effect on July 1, 2021, but school districts must act now to ensure that they will be in compliance by next year. The new law will require detailed contracts when schools share student data with online service providers. There are many reasons why schools should begin now to work toward compliance. Many school districts will need to get a handle on the agreements that are already in effect—whether at the District level or within the classroom—and necessary audits to understand the extent of a school’s exposure can take time. Multi-year contracts into which schools enter today should meet the law’s requirements.

This webinar provides the roadmap you need to help bring your district or school into compliance, including:

  • Background on legislative intent and process
  • An understanding of the law’s requirements
  • How one school district got a handle on SOPPA and what you can learn from it
  • Why you need an audit, and how to do it
  • The importance of a privacy addendum to SOPPA compliance
  • Internal vetting processes for education technology
  • And more!