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Interdisciplinary Services

Our immigration practice is an essential component of our focus on labor and employment work and complements our other specialties. We work closely with specialists in labor, employment, education, higher education, and employee benefits law to provide employers with practical guidance on inter-dimensional and interdisciplinary issues. Our immigration practitioners work closely with our labor law team during union contract negotiations and with employment law specialists managing reductions in force (RIFs). We keep clients and interested parties updated with alerts on breaking news and articles providing detailed information on issues involving both employment and immigration law.  Read more in our recent news alerts.

We also assist school districts handling residency determinations to consider an individual’s immigration status in a manner that is consistent with federal precedent and Department of Education guidance.

Our immigration team recognizes the unique importance of immigration to higher education institutions as a source of diversity within the student body and in their faculty. We work closely with higher educational institutions by advising them about changes to regulations governing international students (F-1 category), assisting with the hire of international faculty and post-docs, and collaborating with our employment law colleagues in the review and development of applicable internal policies.