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Complex & Class Actions

We know that employers face few challenges more daunting – or potentially costly – than multi-plaintiff litigation and “pattern and practice” lawsuits.  Often these claims are aggressively litigated by the EEOC and other state and federal agencies, as well as plaintiff’s attorneys in various locations.  Our attorneys have extensive experience representing both private and public employers in complex, high-stakes class action and multi-plaintiff lawsuits.  We have the expertise and experience necessary to successfully navigate the unique substantive and procedural issues that arise in these cases, and to develop strategies that lead to successful resolution. We also recognize that the EEOC and private plaintiff’s attorneys often attempt to litigate high profile claims in the “court of pubic opinion,” and are well versed in minimizing any adverse public relations, business and employee morale issues that arise from such tactics.  Our deep bench of experienced employment litigators provide the capacity to handle large, document-intensive employment litigation matters with greater efficiency and at lower cost than our larger, more expensive competitors.