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Collective Bargaining

Our attorneys have successfully negotiated hundreds of collective bargaining agreements on behalf of employers in both the public and private sectors.  We help our clients formulate specific negotiating objectives and a strategy to achieve those objectives.  We understand that conducting tough, but focused, negotiations is the best way to set the tone for a productive workplace.  We regularly serve as the employer’s chief spokesperson during contract negotiations.  We are equally comfortable serving as “back room” strategists and advisors. We assist employers in:

  • Developing bargaining goals and drafting proposals to preserve management rights;
  • Analyzing the union’s proposals and developing counterproposals consistent with the employer’s bargaining goals;
  • Providing strategic analysis;
  • Analyzing and projecting labor-related costs;
  • Developing and analyzing alternative compensation and benefit plans;
  • Developing bargaining strategies to ensure the negotiated agreement meets the employer’s business needs; and
  • Managing communications with employees and the media

We have a long history of successfully negotiating labor contracts with virtually every major union including the SEIU, UAW, Teamsters, UNITE, HERE, and IAM.  With hundreds of years of cumulative experience negotiating collective bargaining agreements, we know how to develop and maintain a contract that provides the employer with the tools to meet its objectives.