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Seminars & Events

Upcoming Events

Amy Dickerson and Jackie Wernz to Present at ED-RED
May 3, 2019
Amy Dickerson and Jackie Wernz will present on Title IX at ED-RED's May meeting.

Webinar: Where Are We Now? Homelessness and Residency in 2019
July 16, 2019
In this webinar, Jackie Wernz of Franczek P.C. will go beyond the basics of residency and homeless law to provide insight into the current state of residency and homeless issues 2018 and 2019. Relying on her experience advising schools on day-to-day residency and homeless issues and her review of recent homeless and dispute decisions from across the state, Jackie will provide information valuable to a wide range of school leaders and staff. Whether you are on the front lines of residency and homeless issues or an upper level administrator or board member looking to refresh your knowledge of this important area of law, this webinar will have something for you.

Past Events

LRP Webinar: Is This an Accommodation or a Modification? Understanding the Difference to Ensure Compliance
LRP Publications National Webinar
March 14, 2019
Jacqueline Wernz will present a webinar “Is This an Accommodation or a Modification? Understanding the Difference to Ensure Compliance” for LRP Publications on March 14, 2019.

Webinar: ESSA Arts Indicator: A Report and Recommendation to ISBE What Are the Implications for Local Districts?
March 12, 2019
Join Franczek on March 12 at 10 a.m. as we continue our monthly webinar series covering pressing matters facing school districts. This month's webinar will focus on the ESSA Arts Indicator. The arts are essential to a complete, competitive education for all students. Illinois is one of only two states with the arts as a distinct indicator of school quality in its school accountability system. The arts indicator gives schools the opportunity to tell a fuller story of their success, but how will it work? Franczek Partners Amy Dickerson and Michael Hernandez will be joined by Jonathan VanderBrug, Policy and Research Director at Arts Alliance Illinois, to explain the indicator and review the recommendations the Illinois Arts Indicator Work Group recently presented to the State Board of Education.

Join Us for Assessing Risk of Violence: Effectively Evaluating Threats to School Safety
February 28, 2019
2018 brought not only the high profile shooting in Parkland, Florida, but was a record year for gun violence in schools, generally. School Threat Assessment Teams are on the frontlines of school preventative efforts, helping schools identify those at risk for violence, intervene effectively, and manage risk. To be successful, school Threat Assessment Teams must utilize the knowledge of experts within the school and work with law enforcement and other outside professionals to understand the often complicated psychology of behavior that allows an accurate threat assessment to be made. During this free event hosted by Chicago school law firm Franczek, forensic psychologist Dr. Nancy Zarse, current professor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and a frequent trainer on threat assessments, will explain what school leaders must know to conduct successful threat assessments and manage risk.

Shelli Anderson and Melissa Sobota to Present at IASB
February 23, 2019
Shelli Anderson and Melissa Sabota will present "Trends in Collective Bargaining" in Naperville, IL as part of a series of collective bargaining workshops hosted by IASB across Illinois.

Franczek Attorneys to Present at IAASE Winter Conference
February 21, 2019
Six Franczek attorneys – Nicki Bazer, Mary Deweese, Dana Fattore Crumley, Jennifer Smith, Jackie Wernz, and Kendra Yoch – will be presenting at the Illinois Alliance of Administrators of Special Education (IAASE) Winter Conference.