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Complimentary Webinar: "Six Ways Your Managers are Causing FMLA & ADA Lawsuits, and How to Train Them to Stop"

December 12, 2018
Over the past year alone, employers have been forced to defend FMLA and ADA lawsuits due simply to an inappropriate comment from a manager after an employee requests time off or an accommodation in the workplace. A snide comment about an employee in an email . . . discussing an employee's medical condition with others in a meeting . . . telling an employee that the Company "can't afford" for him to take time off.  Despite an employer's best policies (and intentions), all it takes is a new or untrained manager to cause an FMLA or ADA-related lawsuit.

In what has become an annual FMLA mega webinar, FR partner Jeff Nowak and Matt Morris, Vice President of FMLASource, will present "Six Ways Your Managers are Causing FMLA & ADA Lawsuits, and How to Train Them to Stop." 
Our complimentary 75-minute webinar will use a case-study format to show how your managers undermine otherwise compliant corporate policies and HR practices. More importantly, we will provide the content to create your very own FMLA and ADA training program. Yep, you read that correctly. We will give you the content to create your own training program. And we're doing it for free. In this session, Jeff and Matt will focus on:
  • How managers are increasingly undermining an employer's defense of an FMLA and ADA lawsuit, and how to identify the risk factors
  • Where to look for the most common pitfalls in how managers handle FMLA and ADA leave - through in-depth discussion of scenarios and related cases
  • Constructive methods you can use to train managers in the process of both FMLA and ADA leaves
Prioritize 2019 FMLA and ADA Compliance Now!
As you prepare your budget and set goals for 2019, put compliance first.  Much of Jeff's work is spent providing day-to-day counsel to clients on FMLA and ADA issues, helping them fight FMLA leave abuse, properly administer FMLA leave, and identify creative and effective workplace accommodations for their employees.  We offer three different, yet complimentary services that will increase your compliance with state/federal leave laws and the ADA:
  1. Flat Fee Counseling to Help Employers Comply with the FMLA and ADA:  Many of you are regularly bombarded with FMLA and ADA questions, and you may not have the staff or time to keep up.  Under Jeff's CALM service - Compliance in Accommodations and Leave Management (CALM!) - Jeff provides employers practical guidance and clear direction on the most complex and difficult leave management and accommodation questions you face, all for a reasonable flat fee each month.  You and Jeff develop the arrangement in a manner that works best for you - whether it's a series of short calls, quick email communications, or several calls or emails that require longer, strategic discussions.  You can access more information about Jeff's CALM service here: http://fmlainsights.lexblogplatformthree.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/311/2015/06/CALM-2016-Handout.pdf
  2. Leave Law Insights: Leave Law Insights provides regular updates on any leave of absence legislation that has been signed into law. Our analysis covers paid and unpaid leave laws at the federal, state, city and county level.  Leave Law Insights helps you quickly digest a new law while providing the comprehensive information necessary to enhance your compliance efforts.  Access information about Leave Law Insights here: https://www.fmlainsights.com/need-to-stay-informed-on-changes-to-state-and-local-leave-of-absence-laws-meet-our-new-resource-leave-law-insights/
  3. FMLA and ADA training: Every year, we read about cases in which a manager has made an inappropriate comment or sent an ill-timed email about an employee's request for FMLA leave or an ADA accommodation.  As Jeff highlighted on his FMLA Insights blog, courts are increasingly calling employers out for the failure to train their managers: https://www.fmlainsights.com/when-you-dont-train-your-managers-about-the-fmla-youre-begging-for-this-kind-of-smackdown/ 
    As you prepare your 2019 budget, make FMLA training a priority.  In short, this training properly develops your employees and guards against costly liability.  We can adapt the training sessions based on your needs, whether it's: 1) a more basic session for managers that outlines FMLA and ADA basics and identifies their critical responsibilities when it comes to leave management and workplace accommodations; or 2) a more advanced session with those in your company/organization who deal with sensitive and difficult situations.  All sessions are highly interactive, and can be priced as low as $1,200 for a webinar session or modestly higher for an in-person session.  Let's talk about what options would work for you!

Download the presentation here. Watch the recording here