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Compliance in Uncertain Times: Franczek Radelet's Annual Hospitality Seminar

October 21, 2016
W Chicago - City Center

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Adventures on Half Street...or, How the NLRB Continues to Turn Labor Law Upside Down and Inside Out


The National Labor Relations Board, located on Half Street in Washington, D.C., continues to complicate life for human resource professionals and management-side labor lawyers. Recent NLRB decisions sweep aside long-established precedents, expand employee rights under the law, reign in employer handbook policies and aggressively expand the penalties that may be assessed against employers. Chris Johlie reviews recent NLRB decisions and offer practical advice for dealing with the latest labor law developments.

Workplace Enforcement: Updates on DHS and DOJ guidance on the pre-hire, hiring, and I-9 processes


How long has it been since you last completed an I-9 audit? The stakes are higher than they have ever been as the Department of Homeland Security significantly increased fines for I-9 violations. The Department of Justice is retooling its efforts to identify and penalize institutions that unlawfully discriminate in the hiring process based on national origin and citizenship. This session with Tejas Shah provides an update on these topics, covered best practices for conducting an I-9 self-audit, and uses recent settlements negotiated by DHS and the DOJ to present some tips on what not to do in the pre-hire, hiring and I-9 onboarding processes.

The Overtime Game

Win fabulous prizes by answering questions from Bill Pokorny about everyone’s favorite topic - wage and hour compliance! Exciting categories include the U.S. Department of Labor’s new FLSA overtime regulations, common employer mistakes, and recent developments in wage and hour law.

HELRA Update

A brief update will be provided on what UNITE-HERE is up to on organizing hospitality employers and processing grievances. 

Employee Benefits Policy in the Wake of the 2016 Presidential Election


The potential impact that the 2016 Presidential election may have on employee benefits policy going forward will be discussed. We will focus on how each candidate may address various important benefits issues, as the ACA (including the Cadillac tax and the employer mandate), the overall tax treatment of retirement plans, state-required retirement programs for private sector employees, social security, Medicare, and other issues.

Take this Job and Leave It!


A host of new “leave” laws came on the books in Chicago and Illinois over the past few months. Jeff Nowak explores Chicago’s and Cook County’s sick leave ordinances, which require employers within city and county limits to provide paid sick leave to their employees. We also cover Illinois’ new child bereavement leave law and new requirements that allow your employees to use sick leave not only for themselves but for injured or ill family members.