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Common Problems Under The New FMLA Rules

Franczek Radelet Webinar
June 24, 2009

Presentation Materials

In this webinar, we identify the issues and address the questions surrounding the new FMLA rules and how to administer FMLA leave, including:

  • May you require employees to adhere to your call-in procedures when seeking FMLA leave?  In what instances might an employee not be obligated to follow these procedures?
  • Are you allowed to apply your customary leave policies when an employee wants to take paid FMLA leave?
  • How do you respond to a medical certification form that is incomplete or provides insufficient information?
  • May you charge an employee's light duty work against their FMLA allotment, and what are your obligations when an employee wishes to take FMLA instead of accepting a light-duty job?
  • "I forgot to designate a qualifying absence as FMLA leave . . . now what should I do?"
  • How do you handle an employee's request for FMLA leave to attend official military ceremonies of a family member?
  • Can an employee's sudden behavioral changes put an employer on notice of the need for FMLA leave?
  • Can you deny a bonus to an employee because he has taken FMLA leave?

It is apparent that employers continue to grapple with many of the same problems they faced before changes to the FMLA rules, as well as new issues that these changes have introduced.  Building upon our December 2008 webinar, we apply these new FMLA regulations to some of the most common problems that employers encounter and use real-life situations to offer practical guidance for meeting obligations under the FMLA.