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Administrative Best Practices: Navigating the 2016 Education Landscape

January 22, 2016
Hamburger University- McDonald's Office Campus, 2715 Jorie Boulevard, Oak Brook, IL 60523

All conference materials available here.



Running a Clean and Transparent Organization 

Ares G. Dalianis; Dana Fattore Crumley; Todd Faulkner

Discipline Wars Episode II - The Aftermath of Senate Bill 100 

Darcy L. Kriha; Jacqueline Wernz; Patricia J. Whitten; Kendra B. Yoch

Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations Update 

Shelli L. Anderson; James C. Franczek, Jr.; Sally J. Scott


Making the Mark: Meaningful Measurements of Student Growth in Teacher Evaluations 

Shelli L. Anderson; Amy K. Dickerson; Todd Faulkner

Hot Topics Every Business Manager Should Know

Brian P. Crowley; Ares G. Dalianis; Respicio F. Vazquez 

Five Student Data Privacy Issues You Don't Know That Might Hurt You 

Nicole B. Bazer; Jacqueline Wernz 


How Not to Flunk the Employee Leave Test and Other Helpful Tips 

Shelli L. Anderson; William R. Pokorny; Sally J. Scott

Property Tax Potpourri 

Ares G. Dalianis; Michael J. Hernandez; Scott R. Metcalf

Untangling Title IX: Transgender, Sexual Violence and Harassment and More 

Amy K. Dickerson; Jennifer A. Smith; Jacqueline Wernz