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2014 Employment Law Conference

Franczek Radelet Seminar
February 7, 2014
Chicago, IL

All conference materials available here.

Dave Radelet

I-9 Compliance: Surviving An ICE Audit
Staci Ketay Rotman
2013 was a record year for the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)—more than 3,000 audits, millions of dollars levied in fines, and criminal charges filed against business owners, managers, and supervisors. Your organization could be next. Are all of your I-9 forms in compliance? Will your organization survive an ICE audit unscathed? Are you willing to risk fines of up to $1,100 per violation or more? This session provides practical guidance on I-9 compliance, discusses common errors, and outlines best practices on how to respond if ICE comes knocking on your door.

In Sickness and In Health: Employer Compliance in a Post-DOMA World
Bill Pokorny
This session will cover the employment and benefits issues that employers must address following the sweeping national and state changes in same-sex marriage laws. Topics covered will include FMLA considerations, anti-discrimination laws, health coverage, and retirement plan issues.

Unforgiven Meets Dazed & Confused: How Controversial New Illinois Laws Will Impact Employers
Lindsey Marcus
The ability to carry concealed weapons will soon be legal in Illinois and medical marijuana is now the law of the land. Some obvious questions arise for employers: Can you prohibit employees from packing heat at work, and how might this differ for a member of the public at your work place? Moreover, can you rescind an employment offer after the candidate explains that the positive drug screen is due to medicinal use of marijuana? We will address these new legal developments that impact the workplace in 2014 and beyond.

Communication Breakdown: ADA Accommodation Challenges
Jeff Nowak
The ADA’s requirement that employers provide reasonable accommodations to qualified disabled employees is riddled with gray areas. Through a series of case studies, this session will help clarify some of the most common challenges employers face when navigating through the accommodation process and offer practical suggestions to give you a leg up. Topics to be discussed include: what triggers the ADA’s interactive process, how to best manage that process, and what accommodations are considered reasonable by courts.

Help Wanted: Leveraging the Hiring Process to Find the Best Candidates
Chris Johlie, Sally Scott
As employers rebuild their workforce, there are ways to approach the hiring process that provide the greatest opportunity to zero in on the best candidates. We will provide practical guidance on the role of social media in the hiring process, how to manage background checks, and how to conduct interviews in order to maximize your ability to find the best new employees for your organization.