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2013 Employment Law Conference

Obama's Second Term and the Workplace: Everything Old is New Again
February 8, 2013

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Dave Radelet
With the heated 2012 Presidential election behind us, employers are turning their attention to how President Obama’s reelection will impact their operations.  Should employers anticipate any changes in the status quo? All of the day’s sessions will touch on some of what employers can expect to see during President Obama’s second term in office and the practical implications of those issues.

Moms & Dads at Work: Issues, Challenges and Accommodations…Oh My!
Jeff Nowak
Employees today face a number of unique challenges as they balance their family and work life.  As a result, employees are more frequently working remotely so they can spend more time with their families, requesting modified schedules because of needs related to aging parents, and pursuing a host of other alternative work arrangements as they seek to balance their work and family responsibilities.  This session will discuss common scenarios and employer responsibilities related to accommodating employees’ family-related issues, with a particular emphasis on practical response strategies to employee requests

Health Care Reform: Time to Pay or Play
The “pay or play” regime is at the heart of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and employers must soon decide whether they will continue to offer group health coverage to their employees or, instead, simply pay the applicable tax.  This session will cover the details that employers should consider when contemplating the decision to pay or play.

Show Me The Money! Test Your Wage & Hour Knowledge
Staci Ketay Rotman
This fun and interactive “game show” session will address questions employers often face when it comes to payment of wages, exempt status, meals and other breaks, calculating overtime, recordkeeping, and other often-confusing wage and hour issues.  Attendees will “buzz in” with their answers during the game through an electronic polling system.

Looking Ahead: Common Concerns for Employers
Every workforce is unique, but most employers are or will be facing some similar employment law issues in the upcoming years.  This presentation examines national trends that are impacting employers across multiple sectors, with an emphasis on rehiring in a recovering economy, an increasingly litigious employment culture, social media, and an aging workforce.

An Emboldened NLRB Sets Its Sights on Employee Handbooks
Chris Johlie
The NLRB has turned its attention to employee handbooks and has aggressively invalidated widely accepted employment policies. The NLRB’s latest attempt to re-shape the workplace presents risks for union and non-union employers. This presentation will highlight vulnerable handbook policies and provide practical guidance for employers to bring their policies into compliance.