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2012 Employment Law Conference

Franczek Radelet Seminar
February 10, 2012
Chicago, IL

Franczek Radelet hosts its annual Employment Law Conference for clients and friends.

Conference materials available here.


Obama's NLRB: New Rules for Both Union and Non-Union Employers

Speaker: Chris Johlie

The Obama NLRB is changing the workplace for union and non-union employers. Recent NLRB decisions, an aggressive enforcement policy by the NLRB's General Counsel, and new rule-making initiatives have combined to create a treacherous landscape for employers. In this session, we will highlight NLRB activity over the past 12 months and provide an update on the status of the NLRB's "quickie election" and notice posting rules.

Civil Unions in the Workplace: Benefits and Leave Management

Speakers: Jeff Nowak

States across the country, including Illinois, have enacted laws broadening the rights of those who have entered into civil unions. We will discuss how these laws impact employers' obligations regarding group health plan coverage and employee leave of absence issues.

Current EEOC Enforcement Priorities: Preparing to Respond

Speaker: Amy Moor Gaylord 

Driven largely by its 2012 budget, the EEOC is making notable shifts in the focus of its enforcement efforts this year. This session will identify areas where employers should expect to see increased EEOC enforcement efforts and provide practical and effective response strategies.

We're From the Government and We're Here to Help: Wage and Hour Enforcement in 2012

Speakers: Staci Ketay Rotman and Bill Pokorny

A discussion of those areas in which we expect state and federal agencies to focus their wage and hour enforcement efforts in 2012, such as employee misclassification, pre- and post-shift activities, and specific industries.  

Your Employee Did What? Arming Your Supervisors With Best Practices in Discipline and Termination

Speakers: Shelli Anderson and Sally Scott

A practical guide for handling employee issues of misconduct and poor performance.

Retaliation Claims: The New Frontier of Employer Liability

Speakers: Pete Land 

Retaliation claims and the laws authorizing them continue to expand. This session will examine common problems that lead to potential retaliation liability under various employment laws and offer concrete steps that you can take to avoid retaliation lawsuits and reduce this liability risk.