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Family & Medical Leave Act Workshop

The National Law Employment Law Institute (NELI)
June 2, 2011
Chicago, IL

Jeff Nowak serves as faculty of NELI's Family and Medical Leave Act Workshop.  The full day workshop covers the most current FMLA workplace developments, including significant court cases and the DOL's latest regulations.  The sessions in this workshop include:

  • A discussion on coverage and eligibility, reasons for leave, including serious health condition of employee and family member, bonding, family military, job protections, including reinstatement and benefits, DOL enforcement issues, and the latest case law developments in the retaliation and interference area.
  • An analysis on what is a serious health condition, who is a health care provider, medical certifications verifying an employee, family member and military family member’s need for leave, how to handle incomplete and unclear certifications, best practices for authentication and clarification procedures, second and third opinions, medical exams and fitness for duty.
  • A discussion on employee and employer notice, including how to draft an effective FMLA handbook policy, enforcing call-in policies, strategic use of Department of Labor forms, substitution of paid leave, running FMLA leave concurrently with paid leave and other counting of leave issues, and light duty.
  • A review of best practices for managing intermittent and other leave abuse, overlap issues with the Americans with Disabilities Act, including overtime, attendance, and medical verification of the need for leave.