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2011 Employment Law Conference

Franczek Radelet Seminar
February 11, 2011
Chicago, IL

Franczek Radelet hosts its our clients and friends at the firm's annual Employment Law Conference.  All slide presentation and handouts may be accessed by topic on the links provided below.




What's New? How the Law of the Workplace Changed in 2010
An overview of executive, legislative and judicial actions in the past 12 months that impact employers.
Presentation | Handout


Health Care Reform: What Happens Next?
Employers have already implemented new measures required by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and must now turn their focus to complying with the additional reforms set to take effect in 2011 and beyond. 
Presentation |


Employer-Employee Case Studies: Wage & Hour Law
An interactive session presenting several "case studies" examining some of the wage and hour scenarios that employers most often face and a discussion of the most common misunderstandings of the FLSA's requirements.


Collective Bargaining in the New Economy: Some Brief Observations
The economic downturn of the past few years is more than just a typical cycle; analysis will be offered on how these developments have impacted the collective bargaining dynamic, currently and over the longer term.


Employer-Employee Case Studies: Leave Management
A review of the employee leave request issues that employers most often face and an interactive presentation on how employers can implement FMLA policies without compromising their limited resources.
Presentation | Handout


The Employment Relationship in the Digital Age: From Interview to Termination
A chronological look at the employment relationship from application to termination in the digital age, addressing the challenges that social media and the use (and misuse) of personal communication devices can impose on employers throughout that relationship.