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Franczek Radelet Attorney Jackie Wernz Provides Chicago Tribune Commentary on One-To-One Programs

September 28, 2014

In a front page story in the Sunday, September 28, 2014 edition of the Chicago Tribune, reporter Lisa Black reported on the continuing evolution of student privacy concerns when it comes to schools providing laptops or iPads to studetns to use in and out of school, often called one-to-one programs.

In the article, "Student computer use raises privacy questions," Ms. Black called on Franczek Radelet attorney Jacqueline Gharapour Wernz for legal commentary on this ever changing topic for school districts. The article explored how various school districts are juggling the safety of their students with the privacy issues.

"There is going to be some difficulty in balancing the rights of student privacy against the legitimate rights of the school to understand how the devices are being used," commented Jackie. For school districts, she said, "it might be a matter of protecting themselves."

Jackie also outlined the basic compliance issue: school districts are legally obligated to monitor to some extent how students use district-owned computers - and may even have the authority to investigate a student's personal mobile device in districts that require students to BYOD - "Bring Your Own Device."