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Notifying Parents at the Conclusion of a 504 Investigation

February 12, 2014

Amy Dickerson was quoted in the article, "Don't spoil investigation by forgetting to notify parents of findings," published on February 12 by SpecialEdConnection.com which addressed notifying parents at the conclusion of a 504 investigation. “Put internal practices in place where the expectation is that you are notifying [parents] in conclusion of an investigation,” commented Amy. The article identifies the best practices in terms of information sharing with the parents.  One recommendation is to notify the team to make necessary revisions to 504 plan. The student's 504 team will need to know if discrimination occurred. Even if the results indicate no discrimination occurred, staff members may need to be alerted to monitor the situation, Amy commented. Another recommendation is to define timeframes in grievance procedures. If an investigation takes longer than anticipated, touch base with the parent who made the complaint to explain why the investigation is delayed, Amy recommended.