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Legislators Considering Changes to New Facebook Law

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
February 1, 2013

Jeff Nowak was quoted in the February 1 issue of the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin in an article addressing the new Facebook law legislators are considering.  The new law enacted in 2012 prohibits employers from demanding workers turn over passwords to Facebook or other social networking sites but at least one legislator wants to scale it back and give companies the power to request login information in certain situations.  Under the current law, “employers currently lack a means to protect themselves from employees’ actions online,” commented Jeff.  For example, Nowak said, if employees complained of harassment from a co-worker’s suggestive photos on Facebook, the company would need to investigate. Under the new law, companies can't access privacy-restricted content in employees’ profiles.  “These are precisely the types of reasonable exceptions that should have been part of the original law passed last year,” Nowak said.