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"EEOC Suits Hit 20-Year Low in 2012"

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
October 22, 2012

Dave Radelet was quoted in the article, "EEOC Suits Hit 20-Year Low in 2012," published in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.  The article was in follow up to a previous article discussing the number of EEOC filings and states the EEOC filed 122 lawsuits nationally for employment discrimination during its fiscal year ending September 30.  “The bottom line number of lawsuits, 122, is a historic low,” said Dave.  He also commented on the affect the upcoming election will have on the number of filings as previous elections have in the past.  “The EEOC doesn’t want to sue out lawsuits when they don’t exactly know what the future commitment is going to be, either policywise or dollarwise,” said Dave.