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"Bill Protecting Job Seekers', Employees' Social Media Passwords Advances to Gov. Quinn"

Chicago Tribune
May 23, 2012

Jeff Nowak was quoted in an article published in the Chicago Tribune discussing the legislation that passed both Houses and is awaiting the Governor's approval.  Supporters of the legislation claim that the legislation will protect employees and job seekers from having to provide their social media passwords to current or prospective employers.  Opponents argue that it is an unnecessary regulation on otherwise law-abiding employers.

"It's unfortunate that the Illinois General Assembly's knee-jerk reaction creates even greater regulation of employers here," Jeff said.  "This is a situation where a small number of employers you might count on one hand has single-handedly created more government regulation for the rest of the employers across America that do not solicit social media passwords...The overwhelming number of employers understand that this practice simply does not make much business sense — it leads to potential employment litigation, internal administrative burdens and an accusation of being tagged 'big brother.'"

Jeff also recently authored a Business Voices Oustide Opinion article, "Much More Than  Friend Request,"  published in the Chicago Tribune further discussing the topic.