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What To Consider When Using Metal Detectors

Darcy Quoted in LRP Publications
Maintaining Safe Schools
April 18, 2011

Darcy L. Kriha was quoted extensively in the article "Test The Mettle of Steps For Detecting Weapons At School" in Maintaining Safe Schools published by LRP Publications.  Darcy provides advice on implementing metal detectors in schools effectively and discusses the ramifications of not developing protocols and training staff to use metal detectors.

Darcy suggests the following 10 factors to consider when using metal detectors in a school.

  1. Consult a school attorney.
  2. Provide notice.
  3. Avoid issuing safety guarantees.
  4. Don't let students circumvent detectors.
  5. Honor Fourth Amendment rights.
  6. Address students with metal assistive devices.
  7. Exercise discretion with body piercings.
  8. Explain what to do if a metal detector alerts.
  9. Define "reasonable suspicion"
  10. Implement training that holds up in court.