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Dana Fattore Crumley Quoted in Today's School Psychologist

December 7, 2010

Dana Fattore Crumley was quoted in the article, “Improve Transparency of Process to Gain Parent Buy-in,” published by Today’s School Psychologist on December 1, 2010.  In this article, Dana stresses the importance of communication in gaining parents’ trust in a RTI and evaluation practice. 

“RTI is still a source of confusion for many parents.  They wonder what it is and how it works.  A lot of due process filings where parents are reluctant to buy into the RTI process might be addressed with more communication and more transparency.” 

Dana also suggests other ways to gain parents’ trust, such as sharing data. “Sharing objective evidence is the only way to build parents’ trust.  The best defense is to have a variety of data.” She also suggests letting the parents observe.  “Let them see the different materials the teacher is using, how small-group instruction works, and why the instructional methods of the reading specialist or math facilitator are not that different from what is done in special education.”