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Our Navigating Change center will provide timely and credible information on legal developments that have the potential to impact employers and educators.

through our areas of focus: 

  • Labor and Employment
  • K-12 and Higher Education
  • Employee Benefits and
  • Immigration practice groups

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Trusted and experienced legal counsel during times of change.

The Trump Presidency and Republican majority in the House and Senate have the potential to alter considerably the current legal and regulatory environment for employers and educators. In this era of "fake news," Twitter, and 24/7 connectivity, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish between the noise and the policy developments that will impact your organization. 

Franczek Radelet's Navigating Change site provides timely and credible information on legal and policy developments that will impact employers and educators. Many sources speculate and opine on every development of the new administration; you will not find that here. Our goal is to focus on the truly important developments that employers and educators need to know, and what they need to do to prepare for change. Each update will tell you:

What we know – The concrete facts on developments of importance to employers and educators.

What we believe – Informed predictions as to what may happen under the Trump administration. 

What we don’t know – We will explain what issues are still in play.

What it means – The key takeaways on what to do now to prepare for change. 

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