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Property Tax Archives

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Cook County Assessment Appeals Caused Backlog at PTAB and Spike in Refunds According to New Report
June 25, 2019

Illinois Dept. of Revenue Releases Final 2018 Cook County Equalization Factor
June 5, 2019

Appellate Court Clarifies Truth in Taxation Law
April 24, 2019

Illinois Appellate Court Ruling on Charitable Tax Exemption Has Broad Implications for School Districts
March 15, 2019

New Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi Lays Out His Plan for Office
February 21, 2019

Illinois Supreme Court Finds Hospital Tax Exemption Constitutional
September 20, 2018

Rare Lawsuit filed in Federal Court Challenging Property Tax Assessments
July 25, 2018

Final 2017 Cook County Equalization Factor Released
June 1, 2018

Illinois Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument on Hospital Property Tax Exemptions
May 22, 2018

Highly Critical Study Calls Out Cook County Property Assessments
February 19, 2018

Governor Rauner Issues Executive Order Precluding State Legislators from Practicing Before Property Tax Appeal Board
January 22, 2018

Illinois General Assembly Takes Steps to Address Sexual Harassment in Government
November 17, 2017

Hospital and Homeowner Property Tax Exemptions Examined by Illinois Courts
October 26, 2017

Appellate Court Overrules PTAB Decision Involving Manufactured Home
August 28, 2017

Education Week Article Examines Harmful Revenue Impact of Property Tax Appeals
August 28, 2017

Two of Franczek Radelet's Named Most Influential Women Lawyers in Chicago
July 31, 2017

2016 Cook County Property Tax Assessment Trends
July 11, 2017

Chicago Tribune Publishes Three-part Series on Cook County Property Tax System
June 7, 2017

Final 2016 Cook County Equalization Factor Released
May 1, 2017

IL Supreme Court Avoids Ruling on Constitutionality of Hospital Exemption
March 27, 2017

The Latest on Property Tax Exemptions for Illinois Hospitals
January 27, 2017

Court Rejects PTAB Decision for Excluding Evidence of Deceased Appraiser
January 18, 2017

Municipalities Must Pay Refunds from Dissolved TIF Districts
December 5, 2016

Illinois House Revenue Committee Holds Hearing on Vacancy Fraud Act
September 28, 2016

2015 Cook County Assessments Show First Upturn in Seven Years
August 22, 2016

Franczek Radelet Adds Powerful New Real Estate Research Tool
July 26, 2016

Franczek Radelet Attorneys Author Definitive Resource on Property Tax Litigation
July 12, 2016

Illinois Supreme Court Finds Special Exemption Unconstitutional
June 20, 2016

Class Action Lawsuit Seeks Payments from All Illinois Hospitals for Unconstitutional Tax Exemption
May 16, 2016

The Complexities of Assessing Big Box Stores
May 9, 2016

Final 2015 Cook County Equalization Factor Released
May 3, 2016

Law360 Recognizes Franczek Radelet as a Leading Firm for Female Attorneys
April 27, 2016

2016 Property Tax Levies Will Be Limited by CPI-U factor of 0.7%
January 21, 2016

Additional Analysis of Illinois Appellate Court Decision Finding Hospital Property Tax Exemption Unconstitutional
January 14, 2016

Illinois Appellate Court Finds Hospital Property Tax Exemption Statute Unconstitutional
January 7, 2016

Recent Article Highlights Strategies to Maximize School District Revenue
January 6, 2016

Latest Cook County Data Shows Stabilizing Assessed Values and Uneven Recovery in New Property Values
November 10, 2015

Appellate Court Overturns School District’s Attempt to Vacate Ill-Advised Tax Rate Objection Settlement Reached by State’s Attorney’s Office
October 27, 2015

Appellate Court Affirms PTAB “No Change” Decision
October 9, 2015

Appellate Court Upholds TIF District Levy and Collection of Taxes
October 9, 2015

Illinois Court Finds Special Property Tax Exemption Unconstitutional
July 29, 2015

Article in The New York Times Highlights Pros of Property Tax
July 6, 2015

Cook County Tax Rates Released
June 19, 2015

Tentative 2014 Cook County Equalization Factor Released
May 6, 2015

Change in Illinois Property Tax Code Establishes Waiver Distribution Payments
February 20, 2015

2015 Property Tax Levies Will Be Limited to 0.8% Growth
January 21, 2015

PTAB Issues Decision in Long-Running Open Space Assessment Battle
November 19, 2014

Community College Allowed to Proceed with Complaint of Over Abatement of Property Taxes
October 24, 2014

New Study Shows Substantial Growth in Effective Tax Rates for Residential Properties
October 10, 2014

Appellate Court Sides with School Districts on Working Cash Fund Tax Rate Objections
October 3, 2014

Cook County Property Tax Incentives Continue to Expand
September 8, 2014

Cook County Assessed Values Continue to Decline
August 27, 2014

Tax Injunction Act Bars Challenge to Local Demolition Tax
June 26, 2014

New Law Changes Property Tax Assessments on Leasehold Interests at Military Bases
June 12, 2014

Continuing Care Retirement Community Denied Property Tax Exemption
April 7, 2014

Illinois Appellate Court Dismisses Assessment Challenge Seeking Writ of Mandamus
March 19, 2014

Court Upholds School District’s Transfer of Money from Working Cash Fund
February 12, 2014

Peotone Airport Legislation Contains Significant Changes to Property Tax Code
August 12, 2013

Cook County Assessed Values Continue to Decline for Fourth Straight Year
July 1, 2013

Illinois County Clerk’s Official Property Tax Manual Provides Comprehensive Resource for the Levy and Extension Process
May 9, 2013

Property Tax Data Can Aid School Districts in Budgeting and Levying
February 26, 2013

New Reports Show Significant Spending and Uneven Success with Economic Development Incentives
December 5, 2012

WSJ Article Reveals How Other States Equalize Education Funding
November 29, 2012

Property Taxes Impacting Ballot Access and FOIA Requests
October 31, 2012

Upscale Retirement Complex Denied Religious and Charitable Property Tax Exemptions
September 27, 2012

New Study Shows Declines in TIF Revenues
July 19, 2012

After Years of Judicial and Legislative Uncertainty Hospitals Receive Their Own Property Tax Exemption Under New Law
July 13, 2012

Cook County Aggregate Assessed Values Continue to Decline with Residential Assessments Leading the Way
July 9, 2012

Final 2011 Cook County Equalization Factor Released
May 14, 2012

Voluntary Payments in Lieu of Taxes a Growing Trend Nationwide
May 7, 2012

School Districts Across the Country Face Property Tax Refund Exposure
April 24, 2012

Appellate Court Reaffirms Exhaustion of Remedies Doctrine in Assessment Cases
April 4, 2012

Governor Lifts Moratorium on Hospital Property Tax Exemption Decisions
March 27, 2012

Explaining How Certain Tax Incentive Programs Work – Part II
February 1, 2012

Study Provides National Perspective on the Role of Tax Increment Financing
October 12, 2011

Cook County Assessments Continue Downward Drift with Residential Share Increasing
September 29, 2011

Illinois Appellate Court Upholds Denial of Religious Property Tax Exemption
August 24, 2011

Illinois Department of Revenue Denies Charitable Property Tax Exemptions to Three Hospitals
August 24, 2011

Explaining How Certain Tax Incentive Programs Work
August 15, 2011

Appellate Court Clears the Way for Improvements at a Golf Course to Receive Favorable “Open Space” Designation
August 10, 2011

Final 2010 Cook County Equalization Factor Released
August 10, 2011

Divided Appellate Court Denies Tax Exemption for Sale-Leaseback Property
August 4, 2011

Illinois Appellate Court Refines the Role of Comparable Sales in Assessment Disputes
July 18, 2011

Cook County Preliminary Equalization Factor Released
June 28, 2011

Illinois Supreme Court Rules on the Reach of the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law (PTELL)
June 2, 2011

Illinois Supreme Court Clarifies Calculation of Interest on Property Tax Refunds
May 24, 2011

Charitable Exemptions for Hospitals Remains a Hot Topic
May 9, 2011

Appellate Court Strikes Down Legal Challenges to TIF and Business Districts
March 23, 2011

Appellate Court Holds Unpaid Property Taxes Are Debt to Municipality Preventing Ballot Access
March 9, 2011

Illinois Supreme Court Strikes Down Tax Rate Objection
March 9, 2011

Cook County Amends Debt Disclosure Ordinance to Include Pension Liability Information
February 23, 2011

Federal Appellate Court Issues Rare Property Tax Decision
February 22, 2011

Illinois Supreme Court Finds Millennium Park Usage Agreement to be Non-Taxable License
January 3, 2011

Increases in Cook County Residential Property Tax Bills Due in Large Part to Tax Burden Shift
December 15, 2010

Special Assessment Practices for Wind Energy Devices and Farmland
December 14, 2010

Final 2009 Cook County Equalization Factor Released
September 29, 2010

Due Date for First Installment of 2010 Cook County Property Taxes Moved
September 17, 2010

Hospitals’ Charity Care May Affect Property Tax Exemptions
August 5, 2010

Governor Quinn Signs SB3638, Creates Taxpayer Action Boards and Expands Exemptions
August 3, 2010

Department of Revenue Releases Preliminary Cook County Equalization Factor
August 2, 2010

Long-Standing Practice Of Working Cash Transfers Validated By General Assembly
July 28, 2010

Bankruptcy Sale Found Insufficient to Support Assessment Reduction
June 18, 2010

Voluntary Payment Doctrine Alive and Well in Illinois
June 8, 2010

Constitutional Challenge to County School Facility Occupation Tax Allowed to Proceed
May 4, 2010

Illinois Appellate Court Reviews the Reach of the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law (PTELL)
April 23, 2010

Illinois Supreme Court Rejects Hospital’s Claim for Charitable Property Tax Exemption
April 1, 2010

Several Recent Reports Focus on Illinois Property Tax System
March 5, 2010

Appellate Court Prevents Taxpayer from Dismissing PTAB Appeal before School District Could File Evidence
January 28, 2010

Protecting Revenue Through Involvement in Property Tax Exemption Proceedings
December 10, 2009

Illinois Supreme Court Rules on Whether to Accept Several Note-Worthy Property Tax Cases
December 4, 2009

Appellate Court Decisions Clarify Role of Class Action Lawsuits in Property Tax Litigation
November 19, 2009

Public Notice of Adopted Levy Required by the Truth in Taxation Law May Now Include Reference to Tax Cap Limitations
October 2, 2009

Cook County Passes Debt Disclosure Ordinance
September 29, 2009

Crain's Chicago Business Names James C. Franczek, Jr. to its List of "Who's Who in Chicago Business"
September 28, 2009

Cook County First Installment Property Taxes Will Now Be 55% of Prior Year (Rather than 50%)
August 18, 2009

Fundamental Changes in Cook County Property Tax Assessments on the Horizon
August 11, 2009

Millennium Park Restaurant at Center of Appellate Court Opinion Clarifying When Property is Taxable
July 15, 2009

Appellate Court Clarifies How Interest is to be Paid on Property Tax Refunds
July 10, 2009

Recent Appellate Court Decision Shines Light on Certificates of Error
June 23, 2009

Circuit Court Grants First Petition to Intervene in Tax Objection Complaints
May 15, 2009

Illinois Appellate Court Holds That School District Opposition to Property Tax Exemptions Must Be Timely
May 6, 2009

Court Upholds Objections to Permanent Transfers from Working Cash Fund
April 9, 2009

PTAB Proposes Charging Filing Fees for Property Tax Appeals
March 3, 2009

Cook County Board Adopts 10/25 Levels of Assessment
September 24, 2008

A Review of the Supreme Court’s 2007-2008 Term
August 13, 2008