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Unions Find Obama Agenda Means Jobs Gain, Trade Loss


December 2, 2008

Bloomberg.com reports that labor leaders are dissatisfied with President-Elect Obama’s early appointments, particularly the members of his economic team.  Two members of Obama’s team, Timothy Geithner, the Treasury Secretary appointee, and Lawrence Summers, the White House economic director appointee, assisted in the creation of NAFTA.  Bloomberg reports that ties such as the NAFTA connection have labor leaders feeling underrepresented in the new administration.  However, thus far, labor has not spoken out, at least directly to the administration, because it invested so much in the election and still anticipates dividends from the hard work.  This already marks a softening in labor’s position, which took a pre-election hard line that it would not accept a muted voice in Washington.

The United Press published a similar article, found here.  The United Press describes union disappointment with the appointments made thus bar but paints union expectations for the coming Secretary of Labor and International Trade Representative appointments as optimistic.

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